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(As IETF 90 winds down, from a discussion on the chairs' list)

1 month before IETF: Reminder of deadline for draft submission. And that on-list discussion is strongly desired to justify a spot on the agenda, so sooner is better.

1 month before IETF: Book flight, book hotel, register IETF, register social.

1 week before deadline: Reminder of deadline, call for agenda items

2 weeks before meeting: discuss with co-chair, post draft agenda

1 week before meeting: request slides. Send email to each draft-name@tools.ietf.org, reminding them:

New draft: describe your idea in just enough detail to get people to want to read the draft.

Revised draft: 1-2 slide reminder of what the draft is, followed by slides with discussion topic areas

Mature draft: 1 slide reminder of abstract, couple slides any major changes, list any open questions for discussion

Day 0 of meeting: Make sure all slides are in. Pester laggards.

Day 0 of meeting: upload slides using Materials Upload tool off agenda page

Day 1 of meeting: Repeat, until all slides are in.

Day 1 of meeting: As you bump into WG participants, ask if they'll be note taker or jabber scribe

During meeting: note disposition of each draft, with detailed notes, because you will forget.

After meeting: Collect notes from note-taker, post using Materials Upload

2 Days after meeting: File expense report