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Concise Binary Object Representation Maintenance and Extensions (Active WG)
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IETF-108 cbor minutes

Session 2020-07-27 1300-1350: Room 2 - Audio stream - cbor chatroom


minutes-108-cbor-01 minutes

          # CBOR WG Meeting - IETF 108
          Monday, July 27, 2020 13:00-13:50 UTC
          Chairs: Francesca Palombini, Jim Schaad
          Jabber Logs: https://www.ietf.org/jabber/logs/cbor/2020-07-27.html
          Recordings: TBD
          Minute takers: MCR
          Should we have interims until 2021?
          No: we should stop at IETF109, and we will not meet in December, and
          resume in January.
          ## 7049bis - AD (2 min) ##
          * https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-cbor-7049bis-14
          - In IETF last call until mid August
          ## CBOR Date Tag - chairs (2 min) ##
          * https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-cbor-date-tag-05
          - In IETF last call until mid August
          - Discussion in jabber about replacing John Lennon with: Jim Morrison,
          Jon Postel.
          ## CDDL Updates - CB ##
          ### Additional Controls for CDDL (draft-bormann-cbor-cddl-control-01)
          - [JS] Should go ahead and do an adoption call (chair)
          - [FP] Need to check if we need to do a single v2.0 document or if
          doing pieces.
          ## Issue # 204 in the CBOR Bis Document
          surjective request, not satisfied by Not-A-Number (NaN), and (_).
          [MCR]  Remove all from 7940 bis?
          [CB] No just have a third document
          [JS] I am not sure that I see the benefits of making this complete done
          [FP from floor] Can we get this to do CBOR sequences as well?
          [Mohit] why not in rfc7049bis?
          [CB] Not in the bis because it would delay that document.  Also need to
          take time to be careful on this.
          ## CBOR Tags for OID - CB (10 min) ##
          * https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-bormann-cbor-tags-oid-07
          [FP] Chairs - adoption call ended yesterday and the adoption succeeded.
          ## Packed CBOR - CB ##
          * https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-bormann-cbor-packed-00
          slide 6 includes numbers on JSON/CBOR/Deflate/CBOR Packed.
          [MCR] Need more information on the rump part.  Seems to be better to
          put at the end of the array for stream processing.
          [CB] May need to make comments in similar nature about shared items in
          the extracted pieces
          [HB] I think this is necessary work.  May want to include this with
          tagging in the CDDL.
          Packing of URIs alone might be worth it.
          [Brendan Moran] Basically invented this for SUIT already.  Two nested
          lists can cause problems with pull parsers.  Minimize the size of
          references into the list.  New simple types that might be used?
          [Robert Wilton] How can we be sure that existing implementations are
          going to be able to handle this.  Don't want to have two spaces
          [CB] Similar to other tags.  Generic decode will present packed CBOR as
          CBOR to the application.
          [Chris Lemmons] Supports this as well. Has prevented adoption in two
          other standards that I have been working in.  Need a compacted/compressed
          version for URIs as well.  Also would like to see external dictionaries
          as well.
          [FP] Hearing lots of support for the document.  Need to see some more
          work on the document before adoption call.
          [CB] Need to publish implementation so people can play with this more.
          Please add comments for the document before next version is published.
          [FP] Is there a timeline where this is needed?
          [BM] Manifest is almost done and probably too late for that
          [HB] Would have been nice for for something that just moved to IESG
          [CB] Can always use this for existing documents at any point in the
          future if you have not already done this.
          [JY] WebPackaging probably has time to use packed CBOR
          [CB] what's the timeline for that?
          [JY] probably years.
          ## Notable Tags - CB ##
          * https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-bormann-cbor-notable-tags-01
          [CB] Please read and provide feedback.
          *[JS]: Jim Schaad
          *[MCR]: Michael Richardson
          *[FP]: Francesca Palombini
          *[CB]: Carsten Bormann
          *[MJ]: Mike Jones
          *[BL]: Barry Leiba
          *[HB]: Henk Birkholz
          *[JY]: Jeffrey Yasskin

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