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Domain Name System Operations (Active WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1999-Jun-03 —  

IETF-110 dnsop minutes

Session 2021-03-11 1530-1630: Room 4 - dnsop chatroom
Session 2021-03-11 1700-1900: Room 6 - dnsop chatroom


minutes-110-dnsop-00 minutes

          DNS Operations (DNSOP) Working Group
          IETF 110
          11 March 2021
          Chairs: Tim Wicinski, Suzanne Woolf, Benno Overeinder
          Minutes taken by Paul Hoffman
          Notes here do not include material from the slides
                  Mostly comments on presentations
          About 125 people in the meetings
          IETF 110 Hackathon DNS results
          Willem Toorop
                  "Soft" hackathon
                  Used DNS-OARC Mattermost for communication
                  Not as many participants as for f2f, but plenty of work was done
                  XoT interop was good
                  Suzanne: Glad that the hackathon is not being forgotten
          Libor Peltan and Peter van Dijk
                  Alexander Mayrhofer: Requirement to see the serial number of
                  the catalog zone
                          Wants a catalog of serial numbers, no matter what the
                          form is
                  Ray Bellis: Concerned abut the serial signalling
                          How will they be kept up to date?
                          If it is going to be mandatory, it needs to be better
                          specified, maybe don't do that
                          PetervD: PowerDNS does it synthetically, but doing it
                          manually is harder
                                  Wants to keep it optional
                          ISC is using this in production
                  Libor: Wants more discussion of the new approach
                          Could lead to a huge catalog zone is being updated
                  Alexander: Consider one zone that is pretty static, one is
                  very dynamic
                          Maybe list the use cases
                          Target is a very narrow: inter-operator
                                  Can be a bit more ugly
                          PetervD: That change could be easy
                  Ray: Doesn't want synching should be CSYNC, is a semantic abuse
                          Not sure if a new RRtype is useful, would be a metatype
                  Peter Tomassen: Catalog zone size can become pretty large
                          Other ways around that, such as IXFR or sharding or
                          Catalog might be publicly queried in the future, such
                          as by people checking if NS has been updated
          Paul Hoffman
                  Jim Reid: Ready for WG Last Call
                          Maybe have another draft on new crypto requirements
                  Dmitry Belyavskiy: Supports draft
                          If this was here two years ago, he'd be done by now
          Kazunori Fujiwara
                  Paul: There is a vast range on the last slide, we can't pick a
                  "good" value
                  Benno: How can we come to consensus?
                  Puneet Sood: Did 1400 on v4 and v6 for Google Public DNS
                          Working well
                          Maybe picking one value is impossible, instead use a range
                  Jim: Impossible to converge on a single value
                          Minimum value, upper value, give guideline for each
                          Wants progress on this document
                  PetervD: 1232 has worked well
                          A resolver does not have time to probe because slows down
                          Auths cannot probe MTU to clients, not implementable
                  Benno: Please say on the mailing list what is implementable,
                  what is not possible
                  Suzanne: On mailing list, what can we say?
                          Can we get consensus?
          Wes Hardaker
                  Roy Arends: Any change will affect millions of zones
                          Has an issue SERVFAIL, would prefer to treat the zone
                          as unsigned as current
                          Happy to lower the cap
                          Maybe just clarify salt or opt-out
                          Wes: OK with narrowing
                  Jim: On the right track
                          Number 100 seems arbitrary, would prefer to have data
                          Resolver operators will know more
                          Wes: have data from Viktor Dukhovni, will share
                  PeterT: Are there proponents for keeping salts?
                          Wes: Allows larger zones to make difficult to make
                          rainbow tables
                                  Only useful if you are going to rotate it
                  Ulrich Wisser: How many domains will be hit if we limit to 100?
                  Benno: Will take adoption to the list
                  Libor: Likes 0 or 1, but most important is capping
                          Maybe reduce to 10
          Ulrich Wisser
                  Jonathan Reed: This is talking about the ZSK
                          Guidance about pausing the ZSK rolling would be good
                          Best practices on how long this should take
                          Ulrich: more about the TTLs
                                  Maybe a day
                  Ulrich: will present more at ICANN DNS Symposium
          Neil Cook
                  Ben Schwartz: What name is the client validating the signature
                          Should be limited to the same domain name to limit
                          phishing and related attacks
                          Only adopted if has client side (browser) interest
                          Requires total redesign of browser security model
                  Tiru Reddy: Similar to captive portal standards
                  Ben: Server side signing problem is also huge
                          Front end processors are different between web and DNS
                  Neil: Wants to get a browser vendor interested in co-authoring
                  Benno: Wants more discussion on the list before call for adoption
                  Neil: Maybe DNSOP is a limited audience
                  Suzanne: Will try to get review in other audiences
          Roy Arends
                  Paul: Doesn't want DPRIVE to do this on their own
                  Puneet: Sounds interesting.
                          This is going over unencrypted transport. What prevents
                          Roy: If done over an encrypted channel, error should go
                          over channel
                                  Nothing can ever prevent spamming of error reports
                          Some smart adversary could cause you to investigate
                          Roy: Can rely on on numbers of errors, have to deal with
                          false positives
                  Brett Carr: Supports
                          Wants more information when failures occur
                  Jim: Supports
                          Need to think more about threat models
                          Can't validate error codes either.
                  Ben: Support, please adopt
                          Maybe restrict to TCP or some other way of doing source
                  Matt Pounsett: Worried about getting many error reports an hour,
                  maybe will be useless
                          Who would implement?
                          Maybe with TSIG?
                          Roy: It is opt-in for auth server
                  PeterT: Needs some tooling to aggregate and tooling
                          About the zone contents itself, not errors with resolver
                          Why not just tool the auth side?
                          Roy: If we had such tooling, we wouldn't need it
                                  We don't have all such tooling
                  Paul: Auth servers can change the endpoint whenever they want
                  Alex: Pretty interesting
                          Put a higher level of trust in protocols that are harder
                          to spoof
                  Benno: Room is positive
                          Will do call for adoption
          Jari Arkko
                  Suzanne: This might be in DNSOP, or other WGs such as ADD or DPRIV
                  Warren Kumari: Seems interesting
                          Remote asset is very important, must show how
                          Jari: Other IETF WGs are working on this
                  Ben: Interested
                          Lots of challenges
                          Maybe a non-WG-forming BoF
                          Highly speculative
                          Related to PEARG
                          Lots of questions of threat models and guarantees
                          Privacy of things that forward?
                          Jari: Maybe some interop or open source work
                                  Caches can confuse the timing
                  Sara Dickinson: PEARG would be interested
                  Daniel Kahn Gilmore: Excited about thinking about this
                          Dubious about using TPMs
                  Jim: Lots of policy considerations
                          DNSOP might be best place because it never dies
          Michael Richardson
                  Not for the WG, but wants comments from developers and operators
                  Ben: RRsets are unordered and atomic
                          But the answers can change often
                          Cannot rely on the cache to give the same answer
                          Michael: Isn't reliant on ordering, but cares about
                          getting all of them
                  PetervD: Round robin has always been statistically true
                  Ben: Has hit on a real problem, but can't be solved in this draft
          DANEISH BoF
          Michael Richardson
                  IoT security hardening using DANE
                  Much about problem space
                  Non-WG forming for now, charter might come later

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