IETF Areas

This page provides information about active working groups.
For a list of concluded working groups, see the Concluded Working Groups Page.

%s\n" % (area, name)) out("
\n") out("Area Directors:
\n") out("
\n") for ad in ads: if ad: email, name = ad.split(None, 1) img, big = getimg("../photo/", name) if img: out("""  %s""" % (img, email, name)) else: out("""  %s""" % (email, name)) out("

") out("Document collections:
\n") out("
\n") for format in ["epub", "mobi"]: out("  %s   " % (area,format,format)) out("

") if "".join(wgs): out("Working Groups:
\n") out("
\n") out("\n") for wg in wgs: if wg: wg, desc = wg.split(None, 1) chairs = filetext(wg+"/chairs.txt").splitlines() date = filetext(wg+"/chartered.txt") for i in range(len(chairs)): try: email, name = chairs[i].split("\t", 1) img, big = getimg("../photo/", name) if img: chairs[i] = '%s' % (img, email, name) else: chairs[i] = '%s' % (email, name) except ValueError: pass out("""\n""" % (date, wg, wg, ", ".join(chairs), desc)) out("
\n") out("
\n") else: out("No Working Groups
\n") out("
\n") ?>

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