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Meeting Venue (Concluded WG)
Gen Area: Lars Eggert | 2016-Jul-01 — 2020-Apr-30 

2019-02-13 charter

Meeting Venue (mtgvenue)


 Current Status: Active

     Charles Eckel <eckelcu@cisco.com>
     Pete Resnick <resnick@episteme.net>

 General Area Directors:
     Alissa Cooper <alissa@cooperw.in>

 General Area Advisor:
     Alissa Cooper <alissa@cooperw.in>

 Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion: mtgvenue@ietf.org
     To Subscribe:       https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/mtgvenue
     Archive:            https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/search/?email_list=mtgvenue

Description of Working Group:

  The selection of meeting venues for our physical meetings is a common
  area of discussion at the IETF and feedback for the IAOC and its
  meeting committee.

  A specification of the venue selection process and criteria would be
  useful. With community discussion and agreement such a specification
  will be very helpful in improving the process and ensuring that the
  relevant criteria are properly identified.

  The discussion itself may also be helpful. For instance, due to recent
  discussions, potential future destinations are announced to the
  community to help identify potential issues early.

  These processes and criteria support the overall IETF meeting
  strategy. The IETF complements its mostly online work with three
  physical meetings each year, obviously for the purpose of the
  standards development work but also for the opportunities for
  high-bandwidth collaboration, cross-pollination of ideas, and focusing
  on running code. Existing geographic distribution policy explicitly
  calls for rotating meeting locations equally among the largest sources
  of IETF attendees, previously defined as North America, Europe, and
  Asia, while reserving a possibility for exceptions. The exceptions
  are, for instance, meetings outside those regions. The rationale is to
  meet in different geographic regions in order to spread the difficulty
  and cost of travel among the attendees. The rotation policy, known as
  the 1-1-1-* model -- with the asterisk denoting the exceptions -- was
  set by the IESG, documented in

  The MTGVENUE working group is the forum where the IETF community can
  discuss and agree on what should go into the policies, the selection
  process, and the detailed criteria going forward. All criteria and all
  other aspects of the process are open for discussion. The purpose of
  the working group is to produce a community consensus document(s) that
  help drive the meeting selection process in a manner that the
  community is comfortable with.

  The working group shall produce guidance on two areas:

  1. A specification of the geographic IETF meeting policy, currently
  described as the "1-1-1-*" policy. The policy going forward is up to
  the working group.

  2. A specification that describes the detailed meeting venue selection
  process and criteria, the contents of which are also up to the working

  The specification(s) are expected to be Best Current Practice (BCP)
  documents. The specifications are expected to provide clear guidance
  to meeting selections, be implementable in our operating environment,
  and take into account the needs of the highly diverse IETF community.

  This working group is not chartered to develop criteria for virtual
  meetings, be those WG meetings or broader ones.

Goals and Milestones:
  Done     - Initial individual draft on venue selection process and criteria
  Done     - Initial individual draft on IETF meeting geographic distribution policy
  Done     - Submission of the final working group draft on IETF meeting geographic distribution policy to the IESG
  Done     - Submission of the final working group draft on venue selection process and criteria to the IESG

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